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Zero Visibility (Courage Under Fire Book 2)

Zero Visibility (Courage Under Fire Book 2)

He’s given up everything to bring down Legion. Will it cost him the woman he loves?

With the world reeling from Legion’s latest attack, the deadly terrorist group makes a play for control of the country when Vice President Kincaid announces to the world the president is dead. Kincaid is quickly sworn in as commander in chief. Yet, the Strike Force is convinced reports of the president’s death are more lies. Members of the team are dispatched to the nation’s capital to find out the truth. Will they be too late to save the life of the one man in power who remains their ally?

Amidst the chaos, Strike Force leader Ben Parker must choose between saving the world and saving the woman he loves. For Ben, the decision is easy. He leaves the security of the team’s headquarters because he can’t lose Jennifer again. He’ll do everything in his power to protect her life and save their marriage.

With Legion watching his every move, Ben sets out on a harrowing journey through dangerous territory to find Jennifer and bring her home. Yet, nothing prepares Ben for the depths in which Legion will go to take out every member of the Strike Force...even using one of their own against them.

Jennifer Parker has made a huge mistake. Instead of staying and trying to save her marriage, she panicked and ran. Now, there are armed men watching her house, and she has only one option to live. Trust the man who broke her heart. But for Jennifer, trust is hard to give when there is so much at stake.

Ben and Jennifer will be tested to their limits. Someone could pay the ultimate price to protect freedom. And with Legion coming after them full force, no one is safe.

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About the Book

From USA Today Bestselling author Mary Alford comes a brand new series entitled Courage Under Fire.
Be sure to read all the stories in the series.
Distant Thunder – See how the conspiracy first began
Storm Warnings – Prequel to Book One
Strike Force – Book One
Zero Visibility – Book Two
Thin Ice – Book Three
Chinook Winds – Book Four

Series: Courage Under Fire
Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9798611450215
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