Storm Warnings (Prequel to Courage Under Fire Series)

Storm Warnings (Prequel to Courage Under Fire Series)

Is she a traitor? A hero? Or just a patsy for what might prove to be the biggest threat to freedom the world has ever seen.

Is she a hero or a traitor? CIA Officer Reed Decklin had better figure it out soon. Because the stakes are higher than they've ever been!

Before you read Strike Force, find out what happened in this book to bring Piper and Reed to the brink of disaster.

Framed for taking out her entire team, former CIA Officer Piper Morgan barely managed to escape with her life. On the run for two years, Piper has no idea how wide-spread the conspiracy to frame her really is, or to what length those behind her downfall are willing to go to ensure her silence.

Despite the mountains of evidence formed against her, CIA officer Reed Deckin never believed Piper would betray her team or her country. When Piper’s location is traced to a remote Alaskan cabin outside of the village of Anana Harbor, Reed insists on being the one to bring her in. He’s determined to save her life no matter what, yet the men coming after her will stop at nothing to end it. Even if it means eliminating him in the process.

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About the Book

From USA Today Bestselling author Mary Alford comes a brand new series entitled Courage Under Fire.

Read all the stories in the series :

  • Distant Thunder – See how the conspiracy first began
  • Storm Warnings – Prequel to Book One
  • Strike Force – Book One
  • Zero Visibility – Book Two
  • Thin Ice – Book Three
  • Chinook Winds – Book Four
Series: Courage Under Fire
Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense
Format: Kindle
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