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Deadly Mountain Escape

Can this officer stop a trafficking ring...or will deadly criminals stop her first?

A search for a missing young woman becomes a nightmare for K-9 deputy Charlotte Walker when she stumbles on a trafficking ring and is captured. Death seems certain until she’s rescued by rancher Jonas Knowles. Together, they take shelter in the Amish community he left behind. But they can’t hide forever—not when the criminals are still after them and countless girls are at risk.

May 2024 Release

The Last to Know

Hallowed Halls Series - Book Two

An FBI agent with a dark secret. A killer on a mission. A murderous past that unearths an unexpected connection.

BAU Special Agent Hannah London’s troubled past reminds her that life is fragile. And hers has an expiration date that can’t be denied.

When the bottom drops out of Hannah’s world, and a killer ramps up his victim count, Hannah and fellow agent, Cooper Delaney are in a race against time to catch the killer. A bombshell revelation has Hannah and Cooper reeling after the killer’s cryptic messages seem to hint at a connection. . .to Hannah.

As Hannah’s feelings for Cooper deepen, her head tells her to end things before Cooper gets hurt. But her heart, the one that threatens to betray her, doesn’t want to walk away.

Christian Mystery & Suspense - July 2024 Release!

Ambush in the Mountains

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary Alford

Innocent lives at stake…Can a former soldier and canine save them?

Helping a pregnant woman he comes across in a mountain storm puts Axel Sterling right into the path of ruthless human traffickers. Now it’s up to the ex-soldier and his dog to keep Summer and her unborn baby safe from the abductors she’s finally escaped. But between the icy wilderness and the armed gunmen following them at every turn, one wrong move could cost Axel and Summer their lives.

Courage Under Fire Series

Book Nine

Book Eight

Book Seven

Book Six

Book Five

Book Four

Book Three

Book Two

Book One

Prequel to
Book One

See how the conspiracy first began


Meet Mary

Mary Alford grew up in a small Texas town famous for, well not much of anything really. Being the baby of the family and quite a bit younger than her two brothers and her sister, Mary had plenty of time to entertain herself. Making up stories seemed to come naturally to her.

USA Today Bestselling Author Mary Alford