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Consecrated Sacrifice

The past is the last place he wants to return.

Yet the past still haunts Hope Island Securities member Eli Warren every night. His last mission as an Army Green Beret will be forever branded on his heart. Most nights, he can still see her face. The woman who was more than his asset. She called herself Sashi. She’d provided critical Intel for his unit in Afghanistan until she was unknowingly compromised.

No one knew the terrorist his unit had been hunting discovered Sashi was working for the US until it was too late. Before Eli could save her, Sashi was forced inside a building. Seconds later, it exploded, and Eli’s world crumbled around him.

When Eli spots a woman on Hope Island, Maine that is the spitting image of Sashi, he can’t believe his eyes, or the woman’s reaction when he confronts her.

Can the former soldier who claims to love the person he believes she is help fit the missing pieces of her past together before the terrorist who tried to silence her once returns to complete his deadly mission?

Love Inspired Suspense - August 2023 Release!

Amish Country Ransom

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary Alford

A winter storm turns a fight for justice into a struggle for survival…

After FBI agent Jade Powell’s sister is abducted, K-9 trainer Ethan Connors is determined to help the woman who once saved his life. But an enemy from Jade’s past will stop at nothing to keep his agenda hidden. With a storm brewing and a killer hunting them deep into Amish country, can Jade and Ethan survive the treacherous weather long enough to bring a criminal mastermind to justice?

Christian Mystery & Suspense - September 2023 Release!

Don't Close Your Eyes

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary Alford

They were a match made in the hallowed halls of Quantico. Until Death came knocking…

Six years ago, FBI Profiler Megan Montgomery tapped into the mind of a serial killer—and nearly became his last victim. Her FBI colleague and then husband, Jack, put everything he had into finding the killer, but the case took its toll on Megan and Jack and destroyed their marriage.

With her heart in shambles, Megan fled to the small Inuit village where she was from in remote Alaska, but vivid nightmares of the killer won’t let her go so easily. And soon, her dreams take a fresh and frightening twist from nightmare to reality.

Jack thought he’d made the right decision by letting Megan go and not fighting for their marriage. He believed she was better off without him after he’d almost gotten her killed. Now, with a new set of murders matching their closed case, there’s only one person who understands this killer enough to bring him in, and that’s Megan.

Jack wasn’t expecting all the old feelings he thought he’d buried down deep to resurface when he sees Megan again. Nor is he prepared to come face-to-face with Megan’s secret. The one that raises the stakes impossibly high.

Courage Under Fire Series

Book Nine

Book Eight

Book Seven

Book Six

Book Five

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Book Two

Book One

Prequel to
Book One

See how the conspiracy first began


Meet Mary

Mary Alford grew up in a small Texas town famous for, well not much of anything really. Being the baby of the family and quite a bit younger than her two brothers and her sister, Mary had plenty of time to entertain herself. Making up stories seemed to come naturally to her.

USA Today Bestselling Author Mary Alford