Deadly Past: Hope Island Securities Series Book Two

Deadly Past: Hope Island Securities Series Book Two

He is the last person she would ever come to for help. . .if she had a choice.

Wynona Harper is all out of options and the only person who can protect her now is her ex-husband, Declan Thomas.

Wynona has always known something from the past and “that night” waited to pounce. Twenty years earlier, her younger sister was taken from her family home and disappeared into the night. Wynona was the only witness to identify the kidnapper, yet despite her efforts, Lacey was never found, and the loss ended up tearing her family apart.

For the rest of her life, Wynona blamed herself for not being able to identify the man clearly, and for the argument, she and Lacey had that evening. Her last words to her sister were, “I wish you were never born”.

Through the years, Wynona never stopped searching for Lacey. She has no idea her digging up the past will place her straight in the crosshairs of her sister’s abductor. When a failed kidnapping attempt almost costs Wynona her life, there is nowhere else to turn except straight to Declan.

As a Ranger, Declan saw things in battle he couldn’t forget, and he’d brought all that baggage back from the war and into his marriage. After he and Wynona split up, Declan found his way to Maine and helped establish Hope Island Securities along with other members of his Ranger unit.

Seeing Wynona again brings back all the mistakes he made with her. Ones that ripped their future apart. But Wynona needs his help, and he will protect her no matter the cost.

As Declan, Wynona and the Hope Island Securities team hunt to identify her sister’s abductor before he can harm Wynona, no one could have predicted the outcome when the truth about Lacey’s disappearance is finally revealed in this exciting installment of the Hope Island Securities series.

When you’re all out of options
When there’s no place else to turn
There’s hope.
Hope Island Securities Series Book

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About the Book
Series: Hope Island Securities, Book 1
Genres: Christian Mystery and Suspense, Christian Romantic Suspense
Publication Year: 2022
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