Chasing the Past

Chasing the Past

The past is the last place he wants to return.

Yet, the past still haunts Hope Island Securities member Eli Warren every night. His last mission as an Army Green Beret will be forever branded on his heart. Most nights, he can still see her face. The woman who was more than his asset. She called herself Sashi. She’d provided critical Intel for his unit in Afghanistan until she was unknowingly compromised.

No one knew the terrorist his unit had been hunting discovered Sashi was working for the US until it was too late. Before Eli could save her, Sashi was forced inside a building. Seconds later, it exploded, and Eli’s world crumbled around him.

When Eli spots a woman on Hope Island, Maine that is the spitting image of Sashi, he can’t believe his eyes, or the woman’s reaction when he confronts her.

Badly injured, Asal Noor escaped the collapse of Afghanistan and was flown to Cairo, Egypt, where she remained in a coma for weeks. When she awoke, her fiancé was there at her side, and she had no memory of him or her past.

Traveling with her fiancé Omar to Hope Island, Asal meets a man who claims to recognize her by another name. Meeting Eli brings terrifying flashbacks of something dreadful that doesn’t align with what Omar told her about her life.

Can the former soldier who claims to love the person he believes she is help Asal fit the missing pieces of her past together before the terrorist who tried to silence her once returns to complete his deadly mission?

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About the Book
Series: Hope Island Securities, Book 4
Genres: Christian Mystery and Suspense, Christian Romantic Suspense
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9798397414265
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